Laura Browning draws her inspiration from time spent on warm tropical beaches. She is fascinated by glowing light and mesmerizing patterns of refracted sunlight in shallow sandy beach water. This piece is part of her signature style, and takes the viewer to a white sands beach with aqua water.

- Laura Browning

Sea Breeze

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Painting wraps around edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on back

16" h x 20" w x 1.5" d
1 lbs. 12 oz.



Laura Browning
Concord, California

Getting to Know Laura

Laura Browning is a Bay Area oil painter who is deeply inspired by all aspects of water. She paints light as it refracts off the rippled surfaces of water. Each piece captures the rhythm, movement, and feeling of water. Laura creates her aquatic scenes using many layers of transparent oil glazes and a fluid blending of color. Though her subject matter is the same, each painting has a remarkably different pattern and color palette. By studying the subtle nature of water, she works to conveys water’s intriguing versatility.