This piece is based on a memory of picking out the red horse on the carousel, with large nostrils and deep black eyes. Making sure I got to him first, just before the spin began and the music blared. Texture gives life to this piece. The painting is on canvas board and will need a frame for display. 

- Anne Dosso-Powell

Red Horse on Carousel

Oil painting on canvas board

Signed on front

16" h x 20" w x .12" d
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Anne Dosso-Powell
Marietta, Georgia

Getting to Know Anne

Born in New York and raised in Connecticut, Anne Dosso-Powell is the daughter of a jazz drummer and the granddaughter of a Radio City Music Hall conductor. The result: art and music have always been at the forefront of her academic and creative endeavors. Anne’s emotionally driven paintings use color, texture, transparency and distortion to express a spectrum of feelings and concepts. Embracing a variance of styles, her work fluctuates between abstract expressionism to delicate impressionistic realism. She also uses exaggeration, and some primitivism in her work. Most of her paintings have a combination of styles, best described as an improvisation if you will.