I love the sky, airplanes and travel. In my opinion, these huge metal birds are one of the most beautiful things created by mankind. Therefore, I depict them quite accurately.

- Dina Volkova

Plane and Land

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Painting wraps around edges
Ready to hang

Signed on front

36" h x 24" w x 1.5" d
4 lbs. 6 oz.



Dina Volkova
Rockville, Maryland

Getting to Know Dina

Russian-born artist Dina Volkova approaches the theme of transportation using an impressionist style, highlighting an unexpected beauty and symbolism in roads and runways. For Dina, paths and vehicles represent growth, movement, and human connection. Employing delicate brushstrokes and a soft, warm color palette, she offers a new perspective on scenes encountered and overlooked in everyday life. The freeway exit sign, the airplane taking off, the tail lights on the car ahead: all connote the idea of moving forward. Dina works from a studio in Maryland, where she translates this concept into serene, painterly images.