The painting was inspired by a view of a farm in Colorado with the afternoon sun defining the shapes of the structures and trees. The mountains of the Front Range provide depth. After painting the underpainting with brushes I completed the entire painting with only a palette knife, giving it what I felt was an interesting texture.

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes ready to hang. 

- Rodgers Naylor

Pastoral Landscape

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front

12" h x 36" w x 1" d
1 lbs. 8 oz.



Rodgers Naylor
Denver, Colorado

Getting to Know Rodgers

Rodgers Naylor boasts more than 15 years of making art. He enjoys painting in the studio and en plein air, depicting both rural and urban landscapes. He especially loves scenes that suggest a story or have an interesting arrangement of light and dark shapes. During his free time, he enjoys hiking and snowshoeing in his home town in Colorado. Fun fact: he always brings a teddy bear along when he travels.