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Nests with a View

Susan Walker
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Oil painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished white edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


30" h x 40" w x .75" d |5 lbs. 5 oz.

In stock $2,875



"The cormorant forms colonies of nests built high in trees or, in this case, on abandoned pier pilings," explains Susan. "Nests with a view! They dive underwater to chase prey, usually fish, in shallow water. The cormorants' short wings enable them to swim, which is why they are often seen in their nests with their wings spread out to dry. That all said, what intrigued me about this view was the string of high and dry pilings with nests carefully arranged atop each one."

Susan Walker

Issaquah, Washington

Artist Susan Walker began her art career at UC Davis under the mentorship of famed painter Wayne Thiebaud. He told her, "The goal of painting is to give the surface a life-force, not just the appearance of the thing." With this idea deeply ingrained in her creative process, Susan paints captivating snapshots from her life that radiate energy and a touch of mystery. Her tightly cropped compositions are highly suggestive, playing up simple elements in the image and giving the viewer plenty of room to fill in the details beyond the edges of the canvas. Susan works in a tiny cottage surrounded by greenery on her property in Issaquah, Washington. When not in the studio, Susan says she loves spending time with her large family and playing tennis, which "offers unique opportunities to apply the same sense of geometry I utilize in my artwork." Her paintings have been exhibited widely throughout the Pacific Northwest and are held in corporate and private collections across the United States.

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Susan Walker 2/20/2020 | 12:57 PM

A warm hello to UGallery viewers! After over a decade of being represented by brick & mortar galleries, I am excited to step into the world of an online gallery...and, UGallery was the at top of my list for their quality of art and quality of shipping services. Happy browsing! Cheers, Susan Walker


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