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Morning Joy

Sahand Saher
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Oil painting on Wood New

Natural wood edges

Varnished and Ready to frame


Signed on back


15.7" h x 11.8" w x .78" d |0 lbs. 14 oz.

In stock $1,000



A white Persian cat stands amongst a pink cherry blossom forest on manicured rambling hills. Part of artist Sahand Saher's series of oversized animal portraits of mostly his pet cat, Mukka. He creates various imaginative landscapes resulting in surreal imagery.

Sahand Saher

Brussels, Belgium

Artist Sahand Saher paints dreamy portraits of cats in serene landscapes. “The white cat in my artwork used to live with me before I had to move to Hungary and leave him behind,” explains Sahand. “A year later, on a hot summer afternoon when I was missing him so unbearably, I found my sketches of him. He was laying around lazily and enjoying the sun. Watching him always made me ponder how kind nature is to its creatures - that nature in its core is joyful, abundant and kind.” Sahand was born in Tehran, Iran into a family of artists, including his father, older brother and twin. At the age of six, the family moved to Azerbaijan in search of more opportunities. Sahand studied academic painting at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art. In his third year though, feeling limited by the very strict structure, he left to continue his education on his own. Sahand designed his own curriculum and sought out mentors online and in books, leading to a great evolution of experimentation and creativity. Today, he paints most of his artworks solely from imagination with few references. Sahand later moved to Hungary, and after a number of years apart, reunited with his family in Brussels. His paintings have been displayed in the Turkish embassy and he was commissioned to paint a portrait for the Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature in Baku.

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