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Mini Painting

Jose H. Alvarenga

Oil painting on Masonite board

Natural wood edges

Varnished and Ready to frame


Signed on front


4 " h x 6 " w x .25 " d |0 lbs. 4 oz.



"I wanted to have some fun painting a piece about a painting called mini painting," says Jose. "The actual size of the avocado painting is 2.50" x 1.75" as is described on the wall tag. The red dot means that the mini painting has been sold."

Jose H. Alvarenga

Inglewood, California

Jose’s soft still life paintings are like visual puns. He creates relationships between objects that evoke both amusement and contemplation in the viewer. By devising a clever dialogue between objects, Jose turns a still life into a story. Jose utilizes a classical realist style with a gentle nod to surrealism through his unique subject selections. He is inspired by everyday objects, particularly those with a quality of nostalgia, memory, or humor. Jose paints out of his Los Angeles area apartment, where he also enjoys playing the keyboard and reading art books.

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Jose H. Alvarenga 8/21/2018 | 11:02 PM

No, that´s not me..it´s an interesting coincidence, but I don´t know how to do sculptures only paintings. I was only 9 years old in 1983 :-)

S Meehan 8/21/2018 | 12:54 PM

Do you by any chance do sculptures too? We have a Scales of Justice sculpture done in 1983 and it says H.Alvarenga on it

S Meehan 8/21/2018 | 12:53 PM

Scales of Justice


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