This black and white painting is inspired by Matadors. Though admittedly not a fan of the practice of bullfighting, I can't help but be inspired by the grace and confidence of Matadors' movements. In the context of bullfighting, maestro means "The Master", and I tried to infuse this Curly Girl with the same sense of bravado and presence. Surrounded by curlicues and swirls, she is master of her domain! 

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes ready to hang. 

- Sumner Crenshaw


Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on back

20" h x 16" w x 1" d
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Sumner Crenshaw
Hagerstown , Maryland

Getting to Know Sumner

Sumner Crenshaw infuses her work with movement, lines and varying degrees of color. She currently lives in Maryland and finds inspiration in the work of Salvador Dalí. Her goal is to keep exploring the minimalist, narrative surrealism she’s been moving toward. Fun fact: The Ballet Russes inspired her to start a series that explores dance through painting.