This painting was done en plein air (out in the open, right on location) along the Connecticut River during summer, looking south. Marshy islands show with the tidal flow. The sun gleams amidst the growing cumulous clouds at the mouth of the river in the summer heat. I love the glow of those summer skies!  This painting is oil on linen mounted on an archival panel and needs to be framed for display.

- Roxanne Steed

Looking South

Oil painting on canvas board

Signed on front and back

12" h x 16" w x .25" d
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Roxanne Steed
Mystic, Connecticut

Getting to Know Roxanne

Some paintings have the power to draw a person from across the room. Those are the artworks that Roxanne Steed loves the most. For her, the two best things about a painting are color and texture. To add interesting edges to her paintings, she uses everything from a palette knife to a squeegee. She loves celebrating the beauty of life and enjoys gardening — including “therapeutic weeding” — and planning where to travel next. She has traveled to Ireland for many years to paint.