Christopher Clark's paintings radiate a special luminous quality of light. The delicate layers of paint he applies act as a prism to refract light throughout the painting, giving the work a glowing quality. Christopher uses this unique effect to build scenes that remind us of treasured memories or nearly forgotten dreams. He says of this painting, "She bathes in the soft cool light from the window in the morning. This painting was a fun experiment in texture and paint layers, where the underlying layers of paint are a completely different color and temperature than the layers on top. It’s also fun to allow the finely rendered focal points of the painting to fade into abstraction, as if the woman were your main focus, and the rest fades into your peripheral vision. Out of the abstract, comes form."

- Christopher Clark

Light from the Window

Oil painting on wood
Finished black edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front

20" h x 10" w x .75" d
1 lbs. 8 oz.



Christopher Clark
Denver, Colorado

Getting to Know Christopher

Christopher Clark's oil paintings radiate light through layers of intricate brushwork and metal leaf. His style includes realism, surrealism and impressionism, as he explains, "I want my art to resonate with someone, to speak to them, and reveal a part of their life they've long forgotten. Like a dream that almost slips away, but seeing my painting brings the dream into clear focus." Christopher is also the only licensed Lucasfilm and Marvel artist in Colorado, with a few of his Star Wars paintings in the collection of George Lucas himself. To get to this point in his career, Christopher had to overcome the general advice to "get a real job" that is told so often to aspiring artists. After several "real jobs" and an unsatisfying career, he made the decision to become an artist full time - at which point, Christopher says that the doors opened up for him with galleries, commissions, and a teaching mentor. Now, he’s gaining national attention and TV news coverage for his art. Christopher's talent in the arts goes beyond painting - during his time as lead guitarist for a rock band, he opened for Blue Oyster Cult and Eddie Money. He is also a national-award-winning swing dancer, and he loves tango and blues dancing.