I do not paint from nature, I create an image from a bank of memories and from there they go on to abstraction. I show a vision of a constructed world with my own words. To me, the relation between colours, lines, their weight, tensions and the forces ruling the composition are important. My paintings are an analysis of the relationships between space, mass, colour, surface and force.

- Karina Antonczak

Lake 16

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Ready to hang

Signed on front

27.6" h x 39.4" w x 1" d
6 lbs. 0 oz.



Karina Antonczak
Warszawa, Poland

Getting to Know Karina

The works of Polish painter Karina Antonczak are created intuitively and influenced largely by her vocational background in architecture. Strong lines, planes, and geometric references dominate her compositions. Karina enjoys experimenting with new techniques, though her favorite medium is unwaveringly oil due to its thick, juicy nature. Aside from her experience as an architect, Karina’s work is also heavily impacted by motherhood. Becoming a mother brought renewed joy, passion, and selflessness to her life, and it ignited her creative spirit. Karina’s current body of work was conceived after her son’s birth.