I consider the ether to be a container of all our mysteries, all those things we don't understand. Without words, we still feel the presence of these things. Dark energy, black holes, how clouds become what they are: all these things make us wonder, and connect us. The roundness of my work suggests a view beyond space and time toward a universal metaphysics – the immeasurable energies that hold our world as well as our beliefs; unbound and unencumbered with duality, and continually heaving.  This piece has edges that can be presented: they have a deckled feel, as the paper was hand-torn. 

- Karen Fitzgerald

In the Ether

Oil painting on paper

Ready to frame

Signed on front

26.5" h x 22" w 
0 lbs. 10 oz.



Karen Fitzgerald
Woodside, New York

Getting to Know Karen

“My work is a bridge between the present and the past,” says abstract artist Karen Fitzgerald. “I'm using gilding processes that come down to us from the Renaissance. I'm also responding to a broad range of artwork from a wide range of time and cultures.” Karen’s roundels also have a celestial quality, glowing like the sun or shimmering like the moon. The reflective nature of her gilded work makes light an important part of the viewing experience. The work is inspired by emotion but executed with fine precision. It is perhaps this dichotomy that provides a feeling of balance to the viewer.