"Hope It Sees" is a 12" in diameter oil and copper leaf painting on a round birch panel. The sides of the painting are also copper leafed.

My oil paintings evolve, hyper consciously, with the use of color and shape to describe environment and energy. Considered abstract surrealism, I layer color, often using interference pigment, to create illusionary depth.

- Joshua Hogan

Hope It Sees

Oil painting on wood
Finished edges
Ready to hang

Signed on back

12" h x 12" w x 1" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



Joshua Hogan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Getting to Know Joshua

Joshua Hogan is a contemporary abstract painter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He utilizes an alla prima technique, applying wet paint on top of wet paint to achieve a fluid aesthetic. The paint creates a mix of runs, drips, and splatters, slowly forming spontaneous and interactive shapes he calls “wayfarers,” a term inspired by the writing of Kalhil Gibran. Joshua describes his creative process as “giving form to emotion.” The artist is passionate about living an artistic life across all channels of his career. When he is not painting, Joshua is an art consultant and the co-owner of a Pittsburgh gallery that supports emerging and mid-career artists. He also works professionally in the film and television industry as a scenic artist, and has worked on productions including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Jack Reacher, and Marvel’s The Avengers.