A woman lies in the fetal position holding herself in an embrace of love. Dark green background contrasts her subtle red hair. Soft light from the bottom of the picture casts an upward shadow and reveals her delicate skin. Special attention in the hands, feet and face.

- McGarren Flack

Head on Fire

Oil painting on canvas board

Ready to frame

Signed on front

16" h x 12" w x .25" d
2 lbs. 12 oz.



McGarren Flack
St. George, Utah

Getting to Know McGarren

Utah-based artist McGarren Flack captures everyday moments of human vulnerability through painterly realism. His career as a paramedic brings him face-to-face with people at their most helpless moments, which inspired him to contemplate the nature of being vulnerable. Whether sitting alone in a cafe or unknowingly dropping a possession on the street, the human condition is always subject to powerlessness. “It is important for me to share these scenes because I believe it will help the viewer connect to humanity,” says McGarren. “There is no escaping the feeling of vulnerability; it is blind to skin color, social status, and age.”