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French Bulldog, Semi-Abstract Composition

Maciej Ciesla

Oil painting on Stretched canvas

Finished black edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


23 " h x 31 " w x 1.5 " d |5 lbs. 0 oz.




"Dogs are my inspiration because there has always been a place for them in my home," explains Maciej. "I associate memories of this subject with childhood. The subject of a dog in painting may seem banal, but I think that painting should be an honest art. That's why I paint it, I have such a need."

Maciej's current series of folklore, fauna, musicians and nymphs first developed several years ago from simple studies of dogs and their various behaviors and performances. The dogs then began to evolve into all sorts of beings and acquire symbolic and mythological features. Maciej says that the dog character continues to evolve by itself and accompanies him on a daily basis as he invents new stories.

Maciej Ciesla

Warzymice, Poland

Artist Maciej Ciesla depicts folklore, fauna, musicians and nymphs in spontaneous, expressive scenes. He says art has always accompanied him, and he studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. After graduation, Maciej suffered from a loss of eyesight, which could have been detrimental to his painting career. However, he says it became a huge inspiration for him. "The desire to be alienated and to react and express. They became my motivation." In his current work, nature plays an important role, and Maciej regularly travels alone in the mountains. "I can plunge into my own inner life, feel the loneliness and the harsh atmosphere of a hostile landscape. I believe that honesty in painting is the only way to create individual aesthetics, and because nature is close to me, it also accompanies me in painting." In the evening when he’s not painting, he enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy, listening to music with a glass of wine or playing the guitar.

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