When starting this piece, I was passionate about the idea of reflecting the short lived expression on a dancer's face, a moment before the performance is open. These emotions are honest, wild and forceful. They seem to rip the dancer's heart up with inexplicable sorrows. And those who watched in silence, suddenly struggle to overcome their own thought-to-buried dark spirits and instincts. Crowd yells "Ezo!" Her dance is about to start.

- Suzanna Orlova

Flamenco Dancer's Portrait

Oil painting on stretched linen
Painting wraps around edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front

20" h x 16" w x 1.5" d
1 lbs. 8 oz.



Suzanna Orlova
Nanaimo, Canada

Getting to Know Suzanna

Suzanna Orlova exclusively uses shades of red and black in her paintings. This is largely because she was born color blind. Her vision deficiency did not stop her from being interested in painting at a young age, and honing her skills as a self-taught artist. Suzanna’s work is haunting, eerie, and emotional. The painterly realism she employs in capturing her subjects is technically remarkable for the water-based media she uses. Bordering on surrealism, each painting leaves the viewer feeling deeply moved. Suzanna lives and works on Vancouver Island, Canada.