Embers is actually the fourth (and far right) panel of a polytych landscape that depicts a single painted scene made up of four stand-alone paintings. My goal was to make all the different paintings also work by themselves and isolated from the others. You might think of this painting as part of a litter, her brothers and sisters have all found new home. For me it's so fun to begin a landscape and then listen to the paintings tell what what might flank them. Much like being in a dark room with a flashlight I point it to the left or right and see what's waiting there.

I'm interested in parallel universes, as well as mind-altering plants. This collection is my attempt to depict some of the visuals I've experienced while influenced by low doses of psilocybin.  I do not paint on psilocybin nor alcohol because the results are not stable, however I have found that microdosing marijuana and coffee has very positive effects on painting motivation, creativity, and focus. 

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas and the painting continues around the sides. The work comes ready to hang.

- Iris Scott


Oil painting on stretched canvas
Signed on front and back

48" h x 24" w x 1.5" d
5 lbs. 3 oz.



Iris Scott
Brooklyn, New York

Getting to Know Iris

Iris Scott is a finger painting artist based in New York City, Brooklyn. Iris makes her color-saturated canvases burst with movement using a form of textural Impressionism all her own, and without using a brush. “There’s nothing between me and the paint - I feel all the tiny nuances. I can manipulate thick paint with my fingers in ways brushes never could." Her paintings portray a dreamy yet dynamic world - a heightened, lusher version of reality. "I want my paintings to be both an escape from our everyday life, and an intensification of the recognizable.” Whether she is painting landscapes, an urban scene, a figurative piece, or her trademark shaking dogs, Iris' large body of work is a celebration of all that is wild.