In this work, as in Echo I, I was reflecting upon a voice resonating within silence, within darkness, pushing forth to be heard. I was also interested in addressing the dialogue between positive and negative space confronting each other to generate a charge. I enjoy tension in painting.

- Stephen Clark

Echo II

Oil painting on wood
Natural wood edges
Ready to hang

Signed on back

43" h x 41" w x 1.5" d
18 lbs. 0 oz.



Stephen Clark
Richmond, Virginia

Getting to Know Stephen

Stephen’s abstract expressionist style is largely inspired by the 1980s neo-expressionist movement in New York that he observed while studying for his MFA at Columbia. “Witnessing, absorbing, attending these openings was gas in my tank for years to come,” says Stephen. “After graduating, I renovated a loft in Brooklyn, drove a cab two nights a week and painted, painted.” He attributes his growth as an artist to this period of 12 years in NYC, working and befriending other artists including Cy Twombly. Today, Stephen’s work is denoted by stream-of-consciousness creation. He also draws inspiration from atomic physics, most specifically in the form of 17th century alchemical prints. Stephen works from his basement, where he most frequently paints at night.