The Diminutives are a process driven series used to sophisticate my aesthetics with my new painting series known as the "Nocturnes." These works embody my dissonance in the wake of a new era from this post-election. In short, these works are used as means to prepare for more serious paintings in the near future. This work is on masonite mounted on a cradled wooden frame with unfinished edges. It comes wired and ready to hang.

- Wes Sumrall

Diminutive - Nocturnes III

Oil painting on masonite board

Signed on back

16" h x 12" w x 2" d
1 lbs. 8 oz.



Wes Sumrall
Richmond, Virginia

Getting to Know Wes

Wes Sumrall began painting at a young age and enjoys observing nature. As he explains, his work involves “studying the nature of light by subduing the nuanced color variations instilled.” He has been greatly influenced by Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Claude Monet. When he’s not painting, he enjoys backpacking, going to music venues, working out and spending time with friends.