Soar–it's what we hope to do in life. That's what this figure is trying to do, but one of her wings is weighed down. Like a bird with only one wing, she can't fly. Subtle clues hint at the origins of her predicament. The absence of a mouth, for instance... has she lost her voice? The weight–who tied her other wing to it? Motifs taken from Futurism show the frantic movements of her free wing flapping, and warm hues hint at her passion. If she keeps trying, she will break free; she will fly.

- Sumner Crenshaw

Defy Gravity

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Finished black edges
Ready to hang

Signed on back

51" h x 47" w x 2" d
5 lbs. 0 oz.



Sumner Crenshaw
Frederick, Maryland

Getting to Know Sumner

Sumner Crenshaw infuses her work with movement, lines and varying degrees of color. She currently lives in Maryland and finds inspiration in the work of Salvador Dali. Her goal is to keep exploring the minimalist, narrative surrealism she's been moving toward.