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Crown, No. 6

Mary Dorfner Hay
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Oil painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished white edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


48" h x 48" w x 1.5" d |11 lbs. 0 oz.

In stock $3,600



Artist Mary Dorfner Hay presents abstractions of bold colors in motion for her spiritual series, Crown. She illustrates the crown chakra energy using celestial bodies as inspiration for bold compositions filled with light and color. A delicate cloud blooms into beautiful purples and deep pinks, creating gentle depictions of movement. Tiny specks and streaks of light suggest something otherworldly.

Mary Dorfner Hay

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ethereal abstractions of tantalizing celestial bodies gracefully circulate artist Mary Dorfner Hay's work. “I believe an essential part of our human condition is the ability to relate to each other and the world around us,” shares Mary. She draws from the natural world as a visual source and inspiration for her imagery to produce work that illustrates the collective human experience. A lifelong creative, she finished a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and became a successful independent graphic designer for many years. Realizing that creating art was her true passion, she shifted her focus to building a fine art career. Mary manifests her visions on the canvas at her little studio in the attic of her Pittsburgh home. She expresses her deep interest in the subtleties, nuances, and beauty of life, to create a strong relationship with the viewer. An active mother of two, she manages a busy household with lots of sports and activities, all while continuing graphic design projects. Her work has been locally renowned and presented at Museumlab, The Children’s Museum, and Zynka Gallery.

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