Following a recent visit to the Upper East Side of New York, I walked back toward the heart of the city and caught this view while looking southward during a bright, sunny afternoon. I always marvel at the random jockeying of traffic on New York's main avenues. It's an organized free-for-all, and that feeling of controlled chaos motivated this painting. I also liked the contrast between the sunlight and cool shadows, another meaning behind this title.

- Sarah Pollock

Competing Interests

Oil painting on masonite board
Finished black edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front

30" h x 30" w x 2" d
6 lbs. 0 oz.



Sarah Pollock
Knoxville, Tennessee

Getting to Know Sarah

Sarah specializes in landscapes and cityscapes. Based in central Pennsylvania, she sources much of her inspiration from her natural surroundings. She often paints en plein air, then brings her studies back to her studio to create her colorful pastel drawings. When she travels to cities, she keeps an alert eye seeking interesting scenes and compositions, sketching and photographing inspirational moments. Sarah’s creative background extends into broadcast video and film production as well, with a resume that includes Walt Disney Animation. The polished nature of her artwork is indicative of her years of professional experience.