This is a new theme for my work and it is directly inspired by my life as a mother. I have three girls under five years old, so we play dolls a lot! The dollhouse for me symbolizes my role and responsibilities as a homemaker. The nesting doll is a self representation (even made to look like me!) telling the story of my daily struggle to keep it "all together" both physically and emotionally. This is one of several new pieces along this theme of home life, care-taking, and being a mother. 

- Kat Silver

Coming Apart in Layers

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Finished black edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front

10" h x 8" w x 1" d
0 lbs. 3 oz.



Kat Silver
Indianapolis, Indiana

Getting to Know Kat

Kat Silver’s surrealist paintings project something whimsical and enticing within their dream-like plots. They expose the inner conflicts in Kat’s life, which are revealed through the imagery of her dreams and the symbolism encountered in her daily life. These conflicts are universal, demonstrating an obsession with time, choice, and fate. The image of the rabbit has become an important symbol and signature in Kat’s work. For her, the rabbit represents power and taking control of one’s life. The sweet, confident groups of rabbits surround the lost, faceless characters in her paintings. We may not know where we are going, but we have guides along the way if we look for them.