I painted this piece after a trip to Brazil, and a hike I took to a mountain top standing at the edge of earth (so it seemed) and wanted to capture that sight as best I could.

- Nicholas Kriefall

Cliff Edge: Zenith

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Finished black edges
Ready to hang

Signed on front

48" h x 36" w x 1.5" d
1 lbs. 5 oz.



Nicholas Kriefall
Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

Getting to Know Nicholas

Nicholas has always been fascinated by the sea. His abstract work is inspired by the relationship between the land and the sea, a symbiosis that undulates from calm to turbulent. “Using colors, shapes, and texture over multiple layers, I explore the comfort and animosity of a place revisited or newly imagined, continuously experimenting with these elements and incorporating a certain emotion as a map spills from mind to canvas,” says Nicholas. He approaches each painting with a title or image in mind, and then experiments with layers of paint, scraping and dissolving color until the texture and color feel right.