The California poppies are back! We had an El Nino winter last year, and the cherished and beloved California poppy blooms prolifically throughout the San Francisco Bay, hurrah! I love their complex simplicity, and I create tons of impasto texture with the palette knife. The painting continues around the sides of the gallery wrapped canvas.  It is wired, ready to hang.

- Lisa Elley

California Golden Poppies

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front and back

8" h x 10" w x 1" d
0 lbs. 6 oz.



Lisa Elley
Santa Clara, California

Getting to Know Lisa

Working almost exclusively with a palette knife, Lisa Elley maneuvers her artistic blade with an uncanny fluidity. Why paint only with the knife? She says, “when I paint with a brush, which I do occasionally, I tend to focus on the detail. With a palette knife I can't focus on the detail too much, so my paintings are looser, and more gestural, with bigger sweeps and strokes.” This technique is called wet-on-wet. And it seems to be quite popular, as she has been bestowed the title “Knife Queen” by her facebook fans. Fun fact: Lisa’s high school art teacher told her to study harder at math, as a career in art was “impossible.”