This is a small painting but I love the play of texture in the skin and background, the best part is the subtle color change from the skin to the background giving it almost a glowing effect. It is one of my first chiaroscuro paintings. I like the subtle indication of water towards the bottom of the image.  This piece is painted on linen mounted to gator board.

- McGarren Flack

Back Water

Oil painting on canvas board

Varnished and Ready to frame

Signed on front and back

10" h x 8" w x .25" d
0 lbs. 6 oz.



McGarren Flack
St. George, Utah

Getting to Know McGarren

Utah-based artist McGarren Flack captures everyday moments of human vulnerability through painterly realism. His career as a paramedic brings him face-to-face with people at their most helpless moments, which inspired him to contemplate the nature of being vulnerable. Whether sitting alone in a cafe or unknowingly dropping a possession on the street, the human condition is always subject to powerlessness. “It is important for me to share these scenes because I believe it will help the viewer connect to humanity,” says McGarren. “There is no escaping the feeling of vulnerability; it is blind to skin color, social status, and age.”