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At the Mercy Of

Mitch Davis-Mann
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Oil painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished white edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front


30" h x 20" w x .75" d |2 lbs. 3 oz.

In stock $2,150



"The universe has its plan for you," says artist Mitch Davis-Mann. "You are at its mercy, just like a ship is to the sea. This piece depicts a woman falling from a large wave - she is content and has accepted her fate."

Mitch Davis-Mann

Dundas, Canada

Artist Mitch Davis-Mann creates luminous, dream-like seascapes and landscapes. Amazingly, he paints many of his meditative scenes while also working on an assembly line at one of the biggest automotive manufacturing plants. "We build 500 to 650 cars per day per shift, and in between building those cars I have 35 or so seconds," says Mitch. "Build one car, run over, add a detail with those 35 seconds, then rush back to the next car." On a typical workday, Mitch spends almost five hours in front of the canvas. In the beginning, he says it was a frustrating process, where he would lose his place constantly and by the time he remembered what he was working on, the next car would arrive. It eventually became a rhythm though, and now it keeps him focused in the factory. When he's not working, Mitch enjoys traveling, mountain biking and playing in a darts league every Thursday. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Canada and the United States, a local museum show, and on loan to the legislative assembly building in Toronto.

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