This piece was inspired by the journey of the Steelhead salmon as they make their way upstream to spawn. The meaning behind the painting relates to hardships that life holds and the determination that can be found to overcome them. The edges of the gallery wrapped painting are black and it comes wired to hang.

- Lisa Manes-James

Always Consider Determination Despite the Unending Obstacles

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on back

60" h x 60" w x 2.25" d
30 lbs. 0 oz.



Lisa Manes-James
Visalia, California

Getting to Know Lisa

Based in California’s Central Valley, Lisa Manes-James is a retired art teacher whose work is inspired by her physical, sensory, and emotional connections to natural environments. Her non-objective paintings explore the essence of nature through color, organic shapes, and varied textures. Lisa works intuitively with brushes and tools, adding and removing paint according to her instincts. She paints in oil, a medium she finds to be sensuous and rich. For the artist, the experience of painting is a metaphor for the internal and external forces that shape the soul. Her ultimate intention is to cultivate an awareness of the relationship between the natural world and human emotions, experiences, and existence.