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A Rainy Day in London

Swarup Dandapat
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Oil painting on Stretched canvas New

Natural linen edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front


22" h x 15" w x .78" d |1 lbs. 10 oz.

In stock $1,000



"This painting of Strand Road, London captures many iconic elements of the city, such as the historic buildings, the red bus, and the London rain," shares artist Swarup Dandapat. "The neutral sky on the top, the red buses against the cream-colored buildings in the middle, and the reflection of all these on the rain-soaked road at the bottom part of the painting create a poetic appeal. The painting reminds me of the long-lost rainy days from a distant past. The soft, muted colors add to that nostalgia of the form."

Swarup Dandapat

Kolkata, India

Artist Swarup Dandapat preserves the memory and atmosphere of places in time with his impressionist watercolor paintings. Growing up in a middle-class family in a small industrial town in India, Swarup took the unlikely path of pursuing art from a young age. With great support from his parents, he earned a BFA from Government College of Art & Craft in Kolkata, India, one of the country's preeminent art schools. After 15 years as a web designer, he transitioned to a full-time career as a professional artist. Out in the world, Swarup soaks in the atmosphere, makes several sketches and takes photos for his inspiration. Back in his studio, he looks at his references for days until scenes mix together, experiences get superimposed on each other and an image begins to form. "Watercolor empowers me to capture the charm of a city, its people and its architecture. I call my watercolor paintings the Gallery of Life, where the subject and the medium both breathe life." He enjoys listening to low key music, mostly instrumental, to create a calm and soothing environment for his creative process. When Swarup is not painting, he enjoys the creativity in cooking and baking as well as taking care of his plants, which he considers family. His work has been showcased at galleries in Dubai, New Delhi and Paris.

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