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15 Feet - 2 Inches

Danny Griego
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Oil painting on Masonite board New


Signed on front


9" h x 12" w x .15" d |0 lbs. 8 oz.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


Painted on site (plein air) in San Diego. Freeway bridges have always been a theme in my paintings. I'm attracted to the many ways of composing these bridges; they provide endless inspiration for me. This was painted on a cool drizzly morning, and I believe that comes through in the painting. The surface was hand gessoed which allows subtle texture to come through. It is signed and varnished. The back is neutral grey and is signed and titled. It comes ready to be framed.

Danny Griego

San Diego, California

Danny Griego enjoys infusing his works with a sense of mystery. In his compositions, he hopes to leave room for viewers to use their imagination. He believes "there is even beauty in the mundane." Danny oftentimes works alla prima, which means he completes a painting in one session without waiting for the paint to dry. During his free time, he enjoys working on things that involve a process, and he has been a home brewer since 1989. He currently lives in California. Fun fact: In 1992, he worked on the Olympic games in Barcelona, constructing and painting scenic elements for the opening ceremony. Since he didn't speak Catalan and no one spoke English, his team got jobs done mostly through hand gestures. He got the job by meeting someone at a bar!


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