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Transition City

Terri Bell
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Acrylic paint, paper, graphite, and collage on collaged paper on canvas New

Painting wraps around edges


Signed on back


20" h x 16" w x 2" d |4 lbs. 3 oz.

In stock $700



A grill-like pattern of turquoise and blue descend onto dark geometric shapes. "This bifurcated composition is the abstract representation of a city skyline at dusk, transitioning into the darkness of night," explains artist Terri Bell. "It is a bold composition that suggests overlapping architecture and a geometric sky." Terri utilized paper, fibers, and a cool palette that softly defines graphite lines.

Terri Bell

Denver, Colorado

Artist Terri Bell constructs highly detailed geometric fields that dance to life with engaging colors and soft edges. As a young child, Terri always wanted to paint, draw, or play imaginative games. She entered college as an art major and received important mentorship from several teachers. Unfortunately, it was at this point that Terri’s art career was put on hold. "I had to make a couple of detours along the way, and ended up changing my major to political science," she says, "which led me to work in a high stress, high profile state government position." Terri’s creative pursuits were more limited but ever-present. "Art was the balance in my life and I never gave up my dream." Through hard work and determination, she has returned to her calling as a full-time career artist. When she’s not painting, Terri enjoys cooking, container gardening, and spending time with her husband and two Yorkies.

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L Kujaca purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"12/10/2020 | 12:57 PM

Love it. It's mesmerizing. Thanks.

  • Love it. It's mesmerizing. Thanks.

    - L Kujaca


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