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Let Yourself Be Surprised

Agata Kijanka
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Oil paint and cold wax on Wood New

Finished edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


30" h x 60" w x 1.75" d |15 lbs. 5 oz.

In stock $3,900



"Shifts upon the landscape are a sensory delight," says artist Agata Kijanka. "A change in hues with a downpour, or in how light kisses the land. These moments stop me in my tracks and linger in my mind. The fleeting nature of these little shocks makes them so powerful. They come and go so quickly as an urgent message whispered in my ear by a stranger. A secret, a revelation before they hurry off. By the time I think to ask a question, they are gone and I’m left speechless, wondering if I heard what I thought I heard."

Agata Kijanka

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Artist Agata Kijanka creates sensually textured abstract paintings. Working from visual and emotional memory and imagination, Agata builds each artwork in layers - applying paint with scrapers and brayers, transferring paint from other surfaces, and removing paint with solvent and blades. One of the defining moments for Agata as an artist was when she moved alone to Santa Fe from Seattle in 2008. As she explains, it was "a beautiful place that I love with its rich art related history, plentiful galleries, and inspiring landscapes. I anticipated staying for 6 months but I ended up staying for 4 years." She continued her artistic journey to Sedona, AZ and now lives in Albuquerque where she works from her home studio. Putting down roots in the southwest has influenced Agata's work, especially time in the desert, the sunshine and open skies. When she's not painting, Agata enjoys cooking, gardening in her desert yard, and talking endlessly to her rescue dog.

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