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Field of Vision

David Felix
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Acrylic paint, chalk paint, paper, cotton on Wood New

Painting wraps around edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


24" h x 22" w x 2" d |8 lbs. 12 oz.

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An organic geometric composition with roots in text. David explains that there is a loose treatment of the word 'vision' in the work. "These letter forms contribute a lively sense of animation to the surface, evoking both landscape and architecture. This collage is quite mathematical in its arrangement, built as it is on five panels of tongue and groove boarding."

Part of David's signature series of minimalist abstractions inspired by his long standing love of language and words. In each collage painting he methodically pieces together the composition, building a story through the suggestion of specific objects - such as bowls, tents and tools - and their relationship with one another. "What doesn't come across in a piece is the time it takes, the journey made, the lengthy process of selection and the changes undergone," explains David. "Often I take away, remove sometimes more shapes, than are added."

David Felix

Millinge, Denmark

Artist David Felix creates visual poetry with layered collage paintings. His mixed media pieces usually start with a notebook sketch to work out the form, and he creates organic lines by tracing branches and stones onto the canvas. David explains that "working is an unhurried, meditative process, the color and shapes I add to the surface must be resolved within themselves and I'm very particular about the tint and the form." David has been creating art since he was a child growing up in the UK, heavily influenced by his artist parents and their community. His childhood home had paint splattered floors and canvasses leaning against walls. Now living in Denmark, David still works from a home studio, a simple room with a wooden floor, table, jars and a collection of natural materials - sticks, twigs, bird skulls and beach pebbles. David's art has been featured in solo exhibitions across Europe, as well as private and public collections internationally. In addition to visual arts, David also makes music, playing a blend of jazz, funk and folk music on guitar.

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