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Fall of 2016 #5

Ying Guo
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acrylic, watercolour, soft pastel, graphite on Paper New


Signed on front and back


26" h x 19.5" w |1 lbs. 0 oz.

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At the end of summer, I started creating artworks as the season changed. I found that it was the most wonderful way to be inspired at every moment, everyday. I observed the clouds moving, and the colors changing in the hills, the leaves and the ground. I felt the temperature change and smelled the grass and soil. This fall, I have fallen in love with every moment of the season in Newfoundland.  The work is acrylic, watercolor, graphite, and soft pastel on heavyweight paper and will require a frame for display.

Ying Guo

Tianjin, China

Ying Guo began painting as a child, attending painting classes at the cultural center in her hometown in China. Since then, she says her painting brushes have not left her. Trained in traditional Chinese ink painting, her work clearly imitates the strong calligraphic lines and brushstrokes of her heritage. However, she has contemporized this tradition with a modern abstract expressionist approach. The pieces are bold and emotive, and inspired by the nature she experiences around her. Ying lives in St. John’s Harbor in Newfoundland, Canada, an island off the east coast of North America. The scenic views of the ocean and hills along the harbor provoke vivid colors in her art. She does not sketch or plan the pieces before she begins, which allows her to experiment with the process and come to an unexpected result. Although the paintings can feel unrestrained and full of movement, there is a controlled quality as well. The circular nature of the compositions, combined with an exquisite balance, make the work feel fully formed but not a single brushstroke overworked.

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commentsLooking Much Better
m miller purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"6/17/2019 | 3:39 PM

Very happy with my purchase, the color is even better in person. I love the paper too.

Ying Guo 11/1/2016 | 11:51 AM

The most interesting part about painting is some paintings start from a similar point and end up quite differently along with the artist's experience change or we could say the paintings figure their direction out with the artist's performance.

Ying Guo 4/22/2016 | 12:23 PM

I had a strong feeling of bringing my ink paintings skills, which has been abandoned for a while back to paper recently. And I fell in love again with the spontaneous ink spreading on paper. From this series- Precipitation, I feel more confident of putting things together and heading to my own art direction.

Ying Guo 4/1/2016 | 8:11 AM

There was a short article about Picasso's self portraits posted by a high school mate in our circle recently. There was one portrait i loved very much created when he was 90 years old with simple black and white lines and shadow. I wondered what my art would look like if i could live to 90 years old.

Ying Guo 2/25/2016 | 7:08 PM

A while ago, one day, i was thinking about the reason why i always wanted to make paintings. One little thing popped up in my mind that there was once when I was learning painting at the local Children’s Palace around 9 year old, some of my sketches dropped in the hallway that i did not realize when going back from outside to the classroom. A little young girl, around 5 year old, found the sketches and tore them into parts and threw them on the floor. This was found out by me ten minutes later. For some reason, I got mad and found that girl in a dance classroom and grabbed her out of her classroom and yelled at her and asked her why she did so. She was frightened and cried immediately. I felt sorry to the little girl after that. I should have calmed down and should have expressed my sadness about my sketches to the little girl’s teacher and should have waited for their response. But i did not. I realized that it was because i have taken my art creation seriously from the very beginning that I had a strong desire of being a great artist. This has reminded me that i got to keep my dream move forward.

Ying Guo 2/25/2016 | 7:02 PM

Facing a blank piece of paper always frightens and excites me simultaneously. Obviously i have wasted a lot of paper. If by the end, i got some decent paintings, i would feel better.


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