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Jimmy Sheehan
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Oil pastel, oil marker, acrylic paint, and graphite on Bristol board New

Ready to frame


Signed on front


24" h x 18" w |1 lbs. 0 oz.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


Artist Jimmy Sheehan demonstrates expressionist faces in vibrant pops of color. He builds abstract elements and shapes, creating a striking piece reminiscent of Picasso's cubist style. Jimmy works on paper and notes his style taking a different and unique turn. "There's a sense that I cannot make a mistake, which leads to looseness in the moment of mark-making," shares Jimmy.

Jimmy Sheehan

Godeffroy, New York

Artist Jimmy Sheehan combines elements of gestural abstraction, iconography, and street art in a very personal statement. He demonstrates mesmerizing enigmas of complex expressionist compositions with unique aspects of pronounced outlines, provoking a sense of tension. Born and raised in the rural upstate, he moved to New York City to study at the School of Visual Arts. This life-changing decision exposed him to the culture and energy of the metropolitan city, inspiring him to live a creative life. Jimmy infuses his work with intimate and epic references, from personal aspects to historical nods to ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations. His lexicon of signs and marks read on a symbolic and archetypal level rather than according to any form of tradition. Jimmy expresses his steady stream of consciousness at his home studio in Hudson Valley. A sunny space with wood floors, white walls, Lucy the cat, and his favorite songs constantly playing. He cites music as a force that dictates how his brush moves. “I create art to inspire and convey a positive outlook in life,” says Jimmy. He extends his visionary genius as a full-time art director and designer to maximize his talent. Jimmy devotes his free time to his wife and three children, who enjoy running, tennis, and being outdoors.


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