I tried to capture the light hitting the birch trees along a stream in a boreal forest. Also, I was experimenting with using washes to seal down the colors as I went along. I found it made some interesting textures, and presented particular challenges with the medium. I used pastel, compressed charcoal, and acrylic paint to create the work. This piece is on masonite board and will need a frame for display. The sides are finished with black acrylic.

- Sarah Beth Goncarova

Birch by Stream Edge

pastel, compressed charcoal, acrylic and alcohol wash on masonite board

Signed on front and back

7" h x 7" w x .25" d
0 lbs. 6 oz.



Sarah Beth Goncarova
Alexandria, Virginia

Getting to Know Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth Goncarova uses a variety of techniques to convey the importance of very contemporary dilemmas. Her hushed, thick brush strokes portray barren environments, bold textures, or photorealistic paintings in a state of flux. The viewer is invited into her paintings to join her in social activism that ranges from women's rights to environmentalism.