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Willowy Willowas

Elizabeth Wing
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Acrylic paint and collaged paper on Stretched canvas New

Painting wraps around edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


36" h x 24" w x 1.5" d |5 lbs. 4 oz.

In stock $1,200



A group of three figures stands together. "Two are touching, one is separate, and yet they feel connected," says artist Elizabeth Wing. Part of Elizabeth's signature series of abstract figures, "What's Underneath," representing the collective human experience. She draws visual inspiration from the willowy elegance of the Suri tribe of Ethiopia. "They are amazing artists and their canvases are their bodies."

Elizabeth Wing

Sisters, Oregon

A catastrophic flood swept through artist Elizabeth Wing's hometown several years ago. The event inspired her series of interconnected abstract figures. "I was struck by how an event like that is a great equalizer," she says. Elizabeth's art career stems from a longtime love for creating and a curiosity to learn new processes. In college, she studied ceramics. More recently, she taught herself photographic intaglio and later began painting. As an autodidact, Elizabeth continually seeks out new techniques and materials to apply to her painting concepts. Today, she creates from a home studio where she works in silence, explaining that painting is her meditation. In her free time, she maintains a 40-acre property in Oregon with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. "It keeps us busy!" Elizabeth says with a smile.

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commentsThe Human Condition
J Elbing purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"1/12/2022 | 11:53 AM

Very happy with my beautiful painting. it is bright and powerful.


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