I work with paper cutouts, which I combine with a variety of painted backgrounds. I create a shape, cut it out by hand from solid paper, and then paste it over the background. The gold background has a matte shimmer and appears to be glowing. It interacts with the lighting in the room. This piece is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display.

- Maria Dimanshtein

Welcome (Square 2)

Paper cutout pasted over painted background on paper

Signed on back

12" h x 12" w 
0 lbs. 4 oz.



Maria Dimanshtein
Long Island City, New York

Getting to Know Maria

In her mixed media works, Maria Dimanshtein uses everything from glitter to magazine cutouts to spray paint. Sometimes she plays with these elements to see what might happen, while other times she tries to echo a specific creative vision. When she’s not making art, she does freelance work as a graphic designer. Maria recently moved to New York from Illinois and loves it there because she can finally see all those masterpieces she read about in art history books.