Untitled L is a mixed media work, made of graphite, acrylic and ink on paper. The colors are in the gray family with accents in red and green. I have worked with a grid and let the lines show through to see the "bones" of the work. The red and green oval shapes add an element of surprise in the gray composition. 

The piece is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display. 

- Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Untitled L

graphite, acrylic and ink on paper on paper

Signed on back

22" h x 15" w 
0 lbs. 8 oz.



Nancy Goodman Lawrence
Los Angeles, California

Getting to Know Nancy Goodman

Nancy Goodman Lawrence’s modern compositions appear bold and prominent on the surface, but delicate and sophisticated in their perfect sense of balance. The flatness of the work, and the off center compositions seem indicative of a Japanese influence. The work projects a lively sense of order, or an organized randomness, like a Japanese Zen garden. The work also has a strong graphic mid-century feel, with a playful personality. The anthropomorphic shapes interact with one another like the interplay of people on the street, or the pieces of a board game. As is evident from the balanced compositions, and controlled color palette, Nancy spends a lot of time looking and contemplating her next step. As she puts it, “the looking is as important as the doing.”