I found an old photo dated Oct 4, 1936 of six women sitting in an open field, clearly having a good time. They all appear to be friends. I recall sitting in the fields in Memphis, TN with my old friends and realized that even though this photo is 80 years old, we can all relate to these women. This connection truly fascinates me.

I have developed a new process with this mixed-media series. I begin by sourcing vintage images online or from local antique shops. I look for photos that speak to me in some way. I then use Photoshop to add layers and develop my composition. After printing the manipulated image, I transfer it onto a gesso-prepped birch panel with acrylic gel medium in a process called paper lithography. I finish each artwork by applying layers of oil paint and additional collage elements to create texture. Each finished piece resonates with me personally.

- Christopher Garvey

They Were a Happy Bunch That Always Seemed to Smile

Paper lithography, oil paint on wood

Signed on front

10" h x 8" w x 2" d
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Christopher Garvey
Summerville, South Carolina

Getting to Know Christopher

Christopher Garvey focuses on the still life in his work, capturing objects like dishes and fruit with impressive clarity. He currently lives in South Carolina and finds inspiration in Renaissance and Baroque art. When it comes to technique, he enjoys the challenge of accurate drawing and the transparent qualities of oil paint. He has collected many books over the years, which he uses to improve his practice.