This title comes from the collage and words, "He could not decipher the message."  The piece is charcoal, acrylics, fabric, and paper collage on wood.  It consists of four separate panels that are each 24" x 30" in size.  The edges are painted charcoal gray and the artwork comes ready to hang.

- Christine Peloquin

The Message

Charcoal, acrylics, fabric, paper collage on wood

Signed on front and back

48" h x 60" w x 3" d
40 lbs. 0 oz.



Christine Peloquin
Eustis, Florida

Getting to Know Christine

Christine is a mixed-media artist who combines figurative realism with quilt-like collage. The patchwork quality of her artworks in many ways alludes to the emotional depth of her subjects. Each portrait is seen through layers of fabric and paper, which can be interpreted as a visual metaphor for the multi-faceted modern woman. “My intention is to weave an autobiographical tapestry that addresses universal issues such as spirituality, sexuality, motherhood, and self-awareness,” Christine explains. She finds joy in deciding, through her layering, what to cover and what to reveal.