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The Formal Act of Acquiring Something by Conquest or Occupation

Linnie Brown
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Acrylic paint, gel transfer, colored pencil, spray paint on Wood New

Natural wood edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on back


36" h x 36" w x 1.75" d |10 lbs. 0 oz.

In stock $2,300



In this piece, Linnie Brown envisioned our history with land as one of transaction - designated squares exchanged for money - and that its form would correspond to the shifting perimeter of her city’s boundaries. "I repeatedly layered many different materials to create a complex, dense surface that suggests this history," Linnie explains.

Linnie Brown

Lehi, Utah

Mixed-media artist Linnie Brown creates multi-layered artworks using techniques from printmaking, painting, drawing and collage. She is inspired by significant locations and places from her life. Using stencils that she has made from personally-significant locations such as the floorplans of her home or the boundaries of meaningful cities, she traces shapes onto the paper or panel or cuts out their shapes for collages. From there, she works intuitively to build the layers of the piece. Linnie believes that we are all an accumulation of our pasts, and that the memories of our homes, schools and cities that build up over time play a significant role in shaping our individual world views.

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