Take the plastic off the lounge chairs and the blocks from under the tires. It's time for summertime fun for the whole family! This piece pays homage to the family camping trip, in all of its motley glory. Celebrate with this lovely family over the burning coals of Dad's early August barbecue, and top it off with Mom's fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies!

This piece is on a cradled wood panel. The sides are finished with the torn, yellowed pages of a novel. The work comes wired and ready to hang.

- Diane Flick

Still Life with Camper

acrylic paint and hand-cut and torn paper adhered to cradled plywood panel with matte medium on wood

Signed on front

12" h x 12" w x 1.75" d
1 lbs. 13 oz.



Diane Flick
Menlo Park, California

Getting to Know Diane

As a kid, Diane Flick often empathized with inanimate objects; she worried a Kleenex box on her headboard felt unloved because she never held it as she did her stuffed animals. Consequently, she would sometimes add it to her plush family for snuggling. Looking through the lenses of playfulness, emotional warmth, and scenes from a dramatic childlike imagination, the ‘bots series seeks to explore the sentience of non-sentient beings.