When I am creating figurative work, I usually identify a mood or expression that translates into the color and gestures of the form.  

This is a mixed media piece created by applying acrylic gel, crayon, collage materials, and oil pigments on paper. The paper is mounted on a cradled wood panel with finished black edges. It comes ready to hang.  

- Sharon Sieben


acrylic gel, crayon, collage materials, and oil pigments on wood

Signed on front

21.5" h x 14.5" w x 1.5" d
4 lbs. 0 oz.



Sharon Sieben
Mesa, Arizona

Getting to Know Sharon

Sharon Sieben prefers working in a “loose, fluid technique” and finds inspiration in the most unexpected things. Her parents bought her a set of oil paints when she was ten years old and it sparked her love of art. She especially admires the work of Impressionist artists such as Paul Cezanne because of how they broke tradition. When she’s not making art, she enjoys reading and playing classical guitar and piano. She currently lives in Arizona. Fun fact: she has a parrot that totally rules the house and is more spoiled than any of her children.