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Daniela Bini
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Oil paint and acrylic paint on Stretched canvas New

Painting wraps around edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


47.2" h x 39.4" w x .7" d |4 lbs. 10 oz.

In stock $3,300



"The subject represents Sibyl, the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle at Cumae," explains artist Daniela Bini. With flames in her hand, she boldly gazes forward in a manner that exudes elegance. Daniela utilized a layered technique to render the subject while acrylic colors and modeling quartz paste were used for the background. She adds finishing touches by using copper leaves to create glowing flames.

Daniela Bini

Terni, Italy

Italian artist Daniela Bini paints stylish and empowered portraits of women. "I am inspired by the female elegance from classic models to the fashion world," says Daniela, "and I render my subjects with an eye to the Florentine Renaissance portraits." Daniela was born in Terni in Umbria. For her eleventh birthday, her uncle gave her oil paints and an easel, which she describes as the most meaningful present of her life. After earning a degree in literature, she lived in England and then moved to Tuscany, where she received her first formal artistic education. Studying with teachers from the Fine Art Academy of Florence, Daniela learned the classic technique of velatura–the application of delicate layers of glazes. Today, she creates all of her paintings by starting with a chiaroscuro layer in burnt sienna to shape the figure, then continuing to add thin layers to obtain depth. Daniela works from a sunny home studio overlooking a valley and often listens to classical or folk music to be inspired and relaxed.

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