A dancer in a red dress dances to a salsa beat illuminated by the yellow-ochre and white stage lights. Inspired by a woman I saw dancing to the music and quite in her own world. I tried to capture the movement and color I saw when I closed my eyes and experienced the moment. Hot red hues dance among the golden ochre tones and cool white shapes. The art was created with oil pastels, ink, acrylic paint, and graphite using various brushes and sandpaper to abrade the surface. The painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished black edges. It comes ready to hang.

- Charles Kacin

Red/Ochre Salsa

Acrylic paint, charcoal, oil pastel and graphite pencil on stretched canvas

Signed on back

36" h x 36" w x 1.5" d
7 lbs. 9 oz.



Charles Kacin
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Getting to Know Charles

Santa Fe-based artist Charles Kacin creates abstract artwork that resemble the natural weathering of surfaces. Charles studies the interaction of various materials and their resulting surface texture. Inspired by natural processes, his artistic process involves both creation and destruction. To begin a work, he layers acrylic paint, oil pastels, charcoal and graphite. Then, he uses sandpaper, pencils, screwdrivers, scrapers and even electric sanders to distress the surfaces of his work. While he controls the physical aspect of the paintings, he leaves emotional interpretations to the viewer. He says, “My work invites the viewer to make their own reality from the shapes, forms, and colors I present on the canvas.”