This work is layers of vinyl and perforated vinyl on mirror. The work is reflective, and depending on the lighting conditions it will optically look like many different artworks. It was very difficult to photograph because it can look different depending on the room it is in, ambient light during the night or day and what is in the room with it. Collectors love these works because they are dynamic.

This work was made by speaking into a microphone attached to a synthesizer that "visualizes" the words that are being spoken. I made the synthesizer myself. I then capture the images digitally and layer them onto the mirror that has the original poem etched across the mirror surface. You can see the poem only when you are standing at a particular angle to this optical art piece.

- Jack R. Mesa

Poem Synthesis Study 2

Ultrachrome inkjet on perforated vinyl on mirror

Ready to hang

Signed on back

16" h x 20" w x 1" d
5 lbs. 0 oz.



Jack R. Mesa
Oakland, California

Getting to Know Jack R.

Jack R. Mesa is a drummer and artist from Oakland, California. As a synesthete, his work explores the relationship between visual art and sound. Jack innately sees the two as being interrelated, and strives to depict the joy of music in visual terms. The result is unique, contemplative, and striking artwork, providing viewers a look into Jack’s “hidden” sense.