The skin and movement of a snake inspired this series. This piece is made of ink and collage on rice paper, which I bought while living in Beijing, China. It is signed with Chinese stamps and my signature. The work will need a frame for display.

- Myriam Moreno Martinez

Otras Pieles II

ink drawing and collage on rice paper on paper

Signed on front

13" h x 13" w 
1 lbs. 2 oz.



Myriam Moreno Martinez
Lliria, Spain

Getting to Know Myriam

Born in Valencia, Spain, Myriam Moreno grew up with a paintbrush in hand. An only child, she began creating her own fantasy world with crayons. However, she never planned on becoming an artist. Instead, she was fascinated by the field of archeology. “It’s why I love to investigate ancient cultures and create a new language with my artwork, a universal language.” As Myriam finished her Fine Arts degree - plans be damned - she was surprised with a scholarship to the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Greatly influenced by her time in China, she infuses rice paper, ink and calligraphy in her art. Myriam hopes her work expresses a feeling of universality. “We are just little rice grains, but how much greatness is in a grain of rice…”