Peter Hoss draws on the landscape and architecture around him in Boston to create his heavily worked collages. His artwork brings to mind blueprints, building sites and the big city skyline. He combines tempera, gouache, enamel, charcoal, graphite, oil stick, and collaged paper elements intuitively, erasing and redrawing as he goes. The resulting pieces are both energetic and highly meditative, drawing the viewer in to examine each element of the composition. Created on paper with collaged overlapping edges, not a perfect rectangle.

- Peter Hoss


Tempera, gouache, enamel, charcoal, graphite, oil stick, collage, staples on paper

Ready to frame

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67" h x 48" w 
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Peter Hoss
Brookline, Massachusetts

Getting to Know Peter

Peter Hoss combines techniques of drawing and painting on paper surfaces. Despite classical training and a number of outside influences, he strives to capture his own voice and personal style in his work. When he's not making art, Peter tries to look at the work of other artists as much as possible. Recently, he gained an interest in cooking and sees a correlation between being a chef and a painter. He currently lives in Massachusetts. He grew up on a farm with nine brothers and sisters. Creativity runs in the family - four of his siblings also became artists.