The movement of the white and grays with the streaks of blue reminded me of rolling clouds and lightning. It make me think of Jupiter, the Roman sky god, rolling into town to shake things up. This painting is made of acrylic paint, pastel, and ink on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished white edges. It comes ready to hang.

- Kerri Blackman

Jupiter Comes Rolling In

acrylic paint, pastel, ink on stretched canvas

Signed on front

12" h x 36" w x 1.5" d
3 lbs. 2 oz.



Kerri Blackman
Oregon City, Oregon

Getting to Know Kerri

"One of the reasons I paint is that I cannot put the things I see and feel into words,” says Kerri Blackman. Painting is the primary way that Kerri communicates her love of nature. She approaches her pieces intuitively, facilitating a conversation between the paint and canvas. The artist appreciates the challenges she faces in her abstract work because it allows her to exercise her creativity. The problem-solving that occurs while painting produces unexpected aesthetic results, and helps Kerri avoid boredom or “artistic cliches.” She strives to unite inspiration, color, and mark-making to harmoniously portray the elements of the Pacific Northwest environment around her that she finds most beguiling–leaves dancing in the breeze, light reflected in puddles, and the untamable gray ocean.